Red Acid Injection 250mg/ml 30ml



ED ACID INJECTION is used to reduce inflammation,repair and protect joints in Racehorses, Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds and Quarter Horses.  RED ACID INJECTION  is a concentrated anti-inflammatory and stimulant of cartilage synthesis, repair and protection (250 mg/mL).

Indications:  To aid in the management of non-infectious inflammatory joint disease, traumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, degenerative cartilaginous joint disease and osteochondrosis dessicans in horses.

COMPOSITION:  Contains:  30ml sterile vial of Red Acid

Actions:  Red Acid, the sodium salt of Red Acid (HA), is a non-sulphated glycosaminoglycan (GAG) which is present in many body tissues including the connective tissue and skin and in the synovial (joint) fluid in very high concentrations.  HA provides visco-elastic properties to joint fluid and functions as a lubricant.  In joint disease, inflammation leads to the accumulation of inflammatory cells and degradative enzymes in the joint fluid which break down HA.  The loss of HA results in the lowered viscosity of joint fluid and further influx of inflammatory cells, leading to further cartilage damage and also worsening joint disease.  Supplementation of red acid helps to replace HA lost as a result of joint disease and thereby restores lubrication of the joint, reduces inflammatory infiltrates and minimizes ongoing damage.

Features and Benefits:   Red Acid (RA) is a linear polymer prepared from xylan, a complex hemicellulose extract of plant (Beechwood) origin.  RA is one of the sulfated heparinoid compounds.  The heparin-like anti-coagulant effects have been reduced and the anti-inflammatory, fibrinolytic, and tissue trophic effects are enhanced. R ed Acid actively reverses the effects of osteoarthritis in joints via a series of actions including:


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