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IT-TP Oral Paste for Horses.What is IT-TP Horse Supplement?IT-TP Oral Paste is an oral paste that enables enhance blood oxygen. IT-TP Oral Paste will increase patience ranges via way of means of freeing extra oxygen to the muscles. It certainly boosts the performance of tissue oxygen, and the boom in muscle oxygen enables postpone fatigue and decorate performance.Who makes use of IT-TP Horse Supplement?HorsesHow does IT-TP Horse Supplement work?Each IT-TP Oral Paste 30cc syringe consists of a myo-inositol tri-pyro-phosphate complex, in an all-herbal cherry-flavored gum base.How is IT-TP Horse Supplement used?For person horses, administer orally the contents of one (1) IT-TP Oral Paste syringe via way of means of putting the nozzle of the syringe thru the interdental area onto the returned of the tongue and miserable the plunger. For most results, administer the contents of one (1) syringe, 2 hours previous to a aggressive event. May additionally be administered to horses in training, the contents of one (1) syringe, weekly.


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