pangamic acid

Pangamic Acid B15 Injection 50mL Pangamic Acid (Vitamin B15) is
an antioxidant and prevents the formation of destructive
superoxide radicals.




Get B15 pangamic acid to keep your horses up for everything

A horse, especially a performance one, is not just about muscles, endurance, and strength for races. Equine health depends on many factors, and the immune system is one of the critical ones. With pangamic acid – also marketed as vitamin B15 for sale – you can bolster your animal’s immunity, protect its liver, help regulate hormones, and let antioxidants protect its body from within. This substance has a multi-sided mechanism of action and works like a charm for animals facing increased physical pressure.

Pangamic acid is ideal for supplementation and animal care. This cheap vitamin B15 injectable can also be used during competitions for an energy boost. However, it shouldn’t be given to horses in an uncontrolled manner. In most cases, you should include B15 in your animal’s daily ration under the supervision of a veterinarian. Pangamic acid overdosing can be detrimental for the equine’s health, well-being, and athletic results.

Buy vitamin B15 online

Horse Medcare is a responsible company that always covers you when you need high-grade supplementation products. If you order vitamin B15 for horses and receive it in an unsatisfactory condition, we will either refund or reship it to you immediately.

Contact us to avoid dosing misunderstandings and wrongly picked supplements. This will save you time and positively affect the health of the animals you care for. If you’ve started giving them B15, you shouldn’t stop amid the supplementation process as long as your horses are okay.


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