Meditin 1%

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About the merchandise Meditin one%, ten ml, Api-San physiological condition for sports horses, dogs and cats

1. name of the medicative product: Meditin (meditin). International non-proprietary name: medetomidine.

2. indefinite quantity form: injection solution. Meditin 1% contains 10.0 mg of medetomidine complex as a full of life ingredient in 1 ml, yet as auxiliary substances: common salt – 9.0 mg, radical alcohol – 9.0 mg and water for injection up to 1 ml. Meditin 0.1% contains 1.0 mg of medetomidine hydrochloride as an active ingredient in 1 ml, as well as auxiliary substances and water for injection up to 1 ml. In appearance, the drug could be a colorless transparent liquid.


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