Decabolone Injection Amps




Kohoh Pharma Deca Durabolin Decabolone Injection Amps is famous for muscle buildup and bulking up. this is because contents in the deca-durabolin promotes protein synthesis that leads to muscle tissue building that are purely made up of proteins. An ideal dosage of deca for men lies between 200-600mg per week.

Decabolone Injection Amps – The most common option here that is opted by most of the users is 400 mg of the dose. If the dosage of 200mg per week is taken the effect will be very weak. The 200-600 mg dosage results in rapid bulk up. in case you exceeded the dose of 600 mg the side effects will kill all the positive effects taking place in the body.

Therefore, those who think higher the dose faster the effect then, that’s wrong, the dose of 600mg is far much efficient and effective than 100mg. beginners are recommended to use 200-400mg /week. It is better and effective to inject deca durabolin (nandrolone decanoate) in balanced dosages two times a week. Inject the dose deep in the muscles, buttocks are preferred.

Kohoh Pharma Deca durabolin has the capability to get along well with other steroids. It doesn’t even increases the efficiency of the other steroids but also gives a rapid effect. Deca durabolin for body building goes well with Dianabol and testosterone enanthate. This is the fast and strong combination. Most weight lifters or body builders usually take 15-40 mg / week for dianabol and 200-400 mg of deca durabolin. Another stack that is considered effective is 400mg of deca weekly with 500mg of sustanon weekly.


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