Active substance: Somatropin
ZPtropin is an authentic drug manufactured by ZPHC pharmaceuticals since 2009 and supplied by hghbank worldwide. It is available as freeze-dried (lyophilized) powder packed in crystal clear glass vial (10 vials × 12IU) KIT.

Prominent features are genuine quality, reasonable price, Body rejuvenating ability by weight loss (fat burning), antiaging activity, endurance & power boosting (doping) and increase in lean body mass. Ideal for seniors, bodybuilders, Athletes & other power sportspersons.

Mode of Action
Somatropin (HGH) a product of recombinant gene technology is alike a natural hormone somatotropin & widely applicable in growth stimulation and cell differentiation. ZPtropin is a well-known HGH, executing its action by supporting anabolic reactions. It functions as an antiaging, doping and clinical therapeutical agent. Prominent functions of ZPtropin are wrinkle reduction by supporting the human skin thickness, shorter recovery span during and after surgery, anabolic activity (combining of smaller molecules into larger proteins, lipolysis (decreased fat mass), increase in lean body mass, bone mineralization and stamina boosting.

Weight Loss & Muscular Strength Achieved by ZPtropin
Athletics, Bodybuilding, Swimming, Cycling, Wrestling, baseball, martial art, skiing, and soccer are referred to as the power sports (The sports which require energy) and players need a strong booster to develop their stamina. The renowned feature of ZPtropin (HGH) is muscle strengthening & lean mass enhancement with fat burning. This marvelous quality of ZPtropin makes it an appropriate choice by bodybuilders, athletes, and other sportspersons. If you want to improve your muscular strength with a guaranteed weight loss, wait no more! ZPtropin is here to help you.

Recall your Youth, Use Zptropin
Antiaging is another considerable function of this drug. Everyone loves to be young. Having strong bones and muscles with a pleasant feeling of good health and good sleep, life is enjoyable. ZPtropic has magic to do this if you are a senior citizen or a middle-aged person with wrinkled skin. Because of its anabolic activities and carbohydrate metabolism effects, it ensures a wrinkle-free skin with strong bones.

Medical Use of ZPtropin
ZPtropin is an effective drug for the treatment of growth failure in the case of children and adults. Turner’s Syndrome (a developmental failure in female) can be treated with HGH therapy. Severe injuries from heat burns can be cured effectively by the drugs.

Recommended Dose
There is a variation in the recommended dose from patient to patient depending on its condition, the severity of disease and age, etc. Prescription is compulsory to get HGH.
For children, it’s totally up to the doctor because he will test the growth rate and recommend medicine accordingly.
For Sportsmen or elders, the minimum period of therapy should be 3-6 months with an average (2-5IU) dose given a day.
According to another quotation”0.028IU/Kg intake of ZPtropin on daily basis for 24 weeks is effective to increase lean body mass and to reduce fat content.”

How to administer
Somatropin injections can be administered subcutaneously (under the skin). The mode of application and recommended dose is prescribed by the physician.

Precaution & Side Effects of ZPtropin
A medicine always has some positive and negative impacts. As far as ZPtropin is concerned, its positive effects are more remarkable as compared to negative effects with some limitations. Being a recombinant drug, HGH is like a natural hormone and does not have any harsh effects on the human body if taken as recommended.
Following are some prominent/common side effects of the drug
Pain in joints/swelling is commonly observed side effect of the drug which is attributed to edema (increase in the fluid of body tissues).
Abnormal growth of different body organs as a result of increased HGH in the body which may lead to mortality
Depression, hypertension, fluctuation in blood pressure and cardiac arrest.
Feeling of weakness, loneliness and sleeplessness
CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a feeling of itchiness and pain in hands)
Diabetic patients should consult their doctor before taking it as it may be more harmful to them than a normal person.

Storage Instructions
It can be stored in a cool, dry and dark place.
In solution form, it can be handled and stored for 15 days.
Avoid direct sunlight & heat.
Protect from child & pet.


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