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Somaliq Pen 60 UI- Growth hormone is a popular medical and multifunctional drug that is in great demand in the Western world. A tested and quality steroid that quickly and in the shortest possible time will help anyone who wants to quickly build muscle fibers, add bulk to their body. The drug has a very positive effect on the general tone of the human body, general well-being and significantly increases the amount of energy in the body.

This drug amazes with the ideal ratio of price and quality of the product. Growth hormone is the most abundant growth hormone. Successful athletes have appreciated all the positive effects shown by this drug. In weightlifting, growth hormone is often used to create near-perfect muscle definition, increase endurance and stamina, and increase physical strength for exercise.

The main positive effects of using this remedy are: increasing the general immunity of the body; strengthening of connective and bone tissues; regulation of collagen synthesis; normalization of metabolism; enhancing fat metabolism and converting it into energy. In the case of using the drug as a steroid to increase muscle mass, it is better to take it in combination with male sex hormone, thyroid hormone and insulin hormone. It is a synthesized human growth hormone.

A peptide of nearly two hundred different amino acids, corresponding to pituitary growth hormone in the correct amino acid chain sequence, molecular weight and biochemical structure. The drug has a powerful anabolic effect on the body, increases metabolism, as well as the growth and physical development of the body. It closely interacts with the receptors of various cells in the body, including lymphocytes, myocytes, erythrocytes.

The agent can cause an increase in the level of glycerin, a decrease in the level of urea in the blood, a decrease in the level of sodium and calcium in the body. The main reasons for the use of somatotropin are insufficient functioning of the growth hormone in the body (pituitary dwarfism); chronic renal failure in children and adults, accompanied by growth retardation; Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome. special instructions Not recommended for use by minors, pregnant women, people with chronic heart disease and the elderly.

It is used with caution in patients with diabetes mellitus (a doctor’s control over blood sugar levels and, if necessary, an increase in the dose of insulin consumed by a person is required). Dosage regimen It is set individually depending on human parameters: height, weight, age, hormonal levels. Usually, it is administered s / c at 0.07-0.1 IU / kg 1 time / day, and in some cases – at 0.14-0.2 IU / kg after a certain period of time. The main advantage of the drug is its high level of absorption in the body.


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