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SIEBEN EINS 10X10M — Growth hormone Sieben Eins 10X10M made in Germany

Sieben Eins is a growth hormone that is synthesized artificially using DNA. Sieben Eins is very popular among athletes of different directions, the drug is used not only in bodybuilding, but also in cycling, swimming, freestyle wrestling and other sports. Buy German quality Sieben Eins growth hormone inexpensively right now in our online store with delivery across Ukraine.

Positive properties, dosage of somatotropin Sieben Ains

Applying SIEBEN EINS 10X10M you will receive a number of positive effects, namely:

Acceleration of metabolism

Muscle growth

Strengthening bones, ligaments and joints

Burning fat

Inhibition of destructive processes in the muscles

Anti-catabolic effect.

For beginners, Sieben Eins somatotropin will become an indispensable assistant in gaining high-quality muscle mass. In this case, a three-month course of 5 units daily will be optimal. Rational nutrition and the correct combination of Sieben Ains with other drugs allows you to build up to 7 kilograms of lean muscle mass. The hormone is most valuable to bodybuilders. In strength sports, a 2-3-month course of 10-15 units per day is used. In combination with steroids, the hormone promotes intense muscle growth and a significant increase in physical strength.

It is recommended to use the solution immediately, and in case of its remains, store it in the refrigerator for no more than 1 week.

One package contains 10 ampoules of 10 IU (100 IU of active substance).


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