Saizen- Efficient muscle gain is one of the key requirements for any athlete. Saizen 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU (Somatropin 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU) is a high-quality peptide hormone produced in the pituitary gland. For the first time this substance was synthesized in the middle of the last century, and already in the 1980s the drug began to be actively used by bodybuilders. Today it will not be difficult to buy Saizen 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU (Somatropin 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU). You can order the drug on our website by leaving a request right now. Growth hormone is the key to progression for bodybuilders. In addition to increasing the content of this substance, there are drugs that are aimed at accelerating its secretion in the body. What is growth hormone used for?

Saizen 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU (Somatropin 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU) should be purchased for the following purposes: building muscle mass; getting rid of body fat; effective recovery from an injury. A feature of this hormone is that with age, its concentration begins to gradually decrease. This means that muscle growth is not as effective. Athletes in their 30s should buy Saizen 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU (Somatropin 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU), which will make the training results more visible. The drug is used by bodybuilders around the world, thanks to which it is possible to guarantee its effectiveness, and there is no doubt about the quality. Regular intake allows you to increase the volume of muscles, since the peptide hormone helps to metabolize protein and form muscle tissue with its help. An equally important advantage of Saizen 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU (Somatropin 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU) is an increase in bone density. During intense strength training, this feature of the drug becomes a key factor in avoiding serious injury. The drug should be taken according to an individually selected course. In order not to affect the production of natural growth hormone, the medication is recommended to be administered every two days.

You can buy Saizen 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU (Somatropin 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU) on our website, where a detailed description of the medication is presented. The daily dose is usually divided into several doses, with injections every 4 hours. After the drug enters the body, its activity lasts only a few minutes. This is enough to activate the necessary processes in the body and ensure the secretion of insulin-like growth factor-1. The drug is actively used in order to get rid of the fat layer. It is also recommended during the recovery process after the athlete has suffered a serious injury.

The key will be the correct calculation of the amount of the drug, based on the purpose of its use. Saizen 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU (Somatropin 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU) is produced by the well-known pharmaceutical brand MERCK Serono. The company is headquartered in Germany. In the production process, the brand uses only modern technologies and high-quality raw materials. If you ensure the correct intake of the medication, then with its help protein synthesis will occur even more intensively, which will give a visible result after training. You can buy Saizen 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU (Somatropin 12mg / 1.5ml / 36IU) on our website, using a democratic cost. We guarantee prompt delivery of selected medicines.


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