MARTEN 2X50IU Growth hormone Marten (Marten) European quality

Martin is a synthesized liquid growth hormone of European quality with anabolic effect. The active ingredient of the drug is somatotropin.

Marten is widely used by athletes of all skill levels and in various sports to prepare for, competitions in order to accelerate the growth of muscle mass. It also plays an important role in improving many metrics and training efficiency.

The hormone has a high degree of purification, with the correct course and adherence to dosages, it is safe and does not cause side effects.

MARTEN 2X50IU Advantages:

Anabolic properties – a marked increase in muscle mass

Anti-catabolic effect – inhibits muscle breakdown.

Feature of burning fat by improving the metabolism of proteins and fats

Normalizes blood cholesterol levels

Synthesizes insulin release

Accelerates the process of recovery and healing from injuries

Strengthens the immune system

Rejuvenating effect

Strengthens and accelerates the healing of joints and bones

Increases endurance and physical activity

The drug is prescribed in medical practice for patients with growth hormone deficiency.

According to reviews, 81% of athletes noted a positive effect in the field of gaining muscle mass, 85% appreciated the fat burning effect, and 90% noted that the injections were well tolerated without side effects.

Growth hormone release form MARTEN 2X50IU

Marten is available in a pack with two bottles of 50 units (16.5 mg) of growth hormone in a stable liquid form in a buffer, antibacterial solution with stabilizers.

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